The stories are great! They are unique and the characters are cute. The audio clips are great, they add a lot of interest. My daughter likes Paddy Patches and my favourite is Lil Cy with his monoshades, it’s so funny. I love it!

Petra S.

(Girl aged 8)

Balbriggan, Ireland

OMG we love the Lil Horreurs website and all the stories, and especially you reading them. That is fabulous. You’re such an expressive reader, you had everyone mesmerized.

Lorie F.

(Girls aged 6 and 8)

San Diego, USA

Thank you so much. Very happy. My partners son loves them. Will definitely be recommending.

Grainne F.


Galway, Ireland

Kids love them. Especially (my son). Well done!

Caroline C.

(Boy aged 5)

Dublin, Ireland

You really made a beautiful product there. I’m so happy to be the first reader of it!!! I can still envisage a live show with music… 🙂

Cliodhna N.

Director of Acting Up! Arts. Early Years Performances for Children.

Skerries, Ireland

I loved your Lil Horreur booklet. The drawings and colors for your characters were wonderful.

Jean S.


Los Angeles, USA

Got the books, thank you so much. love them and well done.

Karen M.


Skerries, Ireland

They look fun and fab.

Heather G.


Carlow, Ireland

I heard (my daughter) in the hallway laughing and reading something and it was your book!

Saskia S.

(Girl aged 6)

Berlin, Germany

My boy really loved them and has read them a couple of times.

Liz. S

(Boy aged 6)

Carlow, Ireland