About Lil Horreurs:

Questionnaire Results:

In order to determine the age suitability of these books and find out how they would be received, we sent a set of books out to a group of children of different ages.  We asked that the parents and children read the books and then fill in the questionnaire provided.

Below is the result of this study. We hope this will help you determine if these books are suitable for your children.

Age group: Between 4 and 8 years   Gender: Equal mix of boys and girls

*Names of children have been removed for security reasons.

    What did your child/children think of the stories?

    • Loved it.
    • My 8 year old boy really loved these books. My 10 year old daughter, not so much.
    • (*My Daughter) loved them! Some parts were scary and some parts funny and she was relieved when she got to the happy ending.
    • (*My Daughter) loves them and can recite some of them off by heart.
    • We LOVE the Lil Horreurs website and all the stories, and especially you reading them. That is fabulous!

    Did the stories make sense?

    • Yes 100% 100%

    Are the stories:

    • Happy 60% 60%
    • Sad 30% 30%
    • Funny 100% 100%
    • Scary 28% 28%
    • Stupid 0% 0%
    • Too Simple 0% 0%
    • Too Complicated 5% 5%

    What age group are these stories best suited for?

    • 0-5 30% 30%
    • 6-8 80% 80%
    • 8-10 45% 45%

    Did the rhymes work when read aloud?

    • Yes.
    • Yes. My little boy thought it rhymed really good.
    • They work really well.

    If you saw this collection in a shop, would you be interested enough to check it out?

    • Yes 100% 100%
    • No 0% 0%

    What do you think of the illustrations?

    • I think they’re funny.
    • Illustrations were brilliant and really colourful.
    • The characters are really well done. 

    What do you think of the name “Lil Horreurs”?

    • Maybe ‘Little Monsters’
    • Really good.
    • I like it. It’s just hard to know if it is pronounced like in French or if it is English-French wordplay. (NOTE: Great comment. ‘Lil Horreurs’ is pronounced LIL HOR-AIRS).

    What do you feel could be improved?

    • Happiness.
    • Don’t think they could be improved. My boy really loved them and has read them a couple of times.
    • (*My Daughter) asked “Why is there a clown? The clown doesn’t really fit in with skeletons, zombies and the like. clowns are meant to be funny, not scary.
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