Lil Wolfie Howls For Tea

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A story about regaining lost confidence with help from your best lil friends.

“Lil Wolfie now had an important job, which made him a happy lil pup.
He said, ‘I can use my howl to help my friends, so it’s time for me to tune-up!
I’ve gargled, washed, brushed, and flossed. Now I’m prepared
for you to hear the loudest howl, you have ever heard!’”

In ‘Lil Wolfie Howls for Tea’ you will meet an adorable lil werewolf who has lost his confidence because his howl is not scary. With help from his friends, Lil Wolfie embarks on a journey to regain his confidence and become more than just a cute lil pup. Follow Lil Wolfie on his adventure of self-discovery as he discovers his true purpose: using his howl to help others by alerting everyone when it is time for tea.

This rhyming story is about rediscovering lost self-assurance with the help of true friends. It teaches us that being receptive to change can lead to greater happiness.

Being open to change can make you happier than you thought. That’s the message in this rhyming story about finding your true purpose.

‘Lil Wolfie Howls for Tea’ is book 4 in the Lil Horreurs series. If you enjoyed the other books in the Lil Horreurs series, you’ll love this one too! This rhyming book is filled with fun illustrations that children will love. And the subtle message of kindness turns it into a tale that adults and children will enjoy together. All Lil Horreurs books are best read out loud. Read them with your children. They will love listening to them over and over again.

All Lil Horreurs books are suitable for children from 4-8 years.

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