Lil Puca Boo and Her New Haunted House

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A story about the challenge of making friends and learning how to fit in.

“When word got out around the school
that the Manor Hall was haunted,
the kids thought it was cool!
So all the kids went there to view
the ghost in the window shouting, ‘BOO!’”

Meet Lil Puca Boo, an unsuspecting ghost just looking to make friends. This friendly lil ghost is eager to show the children her ‘Frights and Fun’ game. But when she shouts “BOO!”, they are scared away! Will poor lil Puca Boo ever be able to make friends with the local kids?

Her lil friends advise her to find a place where the children can come see her, and she does! Soon rumours spread that the old Manor Hall is haunted. The kids are intrigued and excited to see the ghost in the window shouting, “BOO!”

Now, with the help of her good friends, she is the most popular ghost in town and everyone loves playing her spooky ‘Frights and Fun’ game.

Making others comfortable might be the best way to make new friends. That’s the message in this rhyming story about a lil ghost who wants to play.

‘Lil Puca Boo and Her New Haunted House’ is book 3 in the Lil Horreurs series.
If you enjoyed the other books in the Lil Horreurs series, you’ll love this one too! This book is packed with funny illustrations, subtle lessons about kindness, and plenty of spooky fun that both children and adults will adore. These rhyming stories are best read out loud.  Read them out loud with your children. They will love listening to them over and over again.

All Lil Horreurs books are suitable for children from 4-8 years.

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