Lil Paddy learns to love his patches

Lil Paddy Learns to Love His Patches

A story about accepting your uniqueness and learning to love yourself.

Lil Paddy Learns to Love His Patches is
book 2
in the Lil Horreurs series. 

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Don’t be afraid to be different.  That’s the message in this rhyming story about accepting yourself just as you are. 

Lil Paddy Patches wants to play with the local children, but he looks so different that he scares them away. He thinks he needs to change himself to be accepted, so he turns to his friends to help him try a few different looks. His friends are glad to help, and soon Paddy has tried on a flowery Hawaiian top with matching flip-flops, head-to-toe fur, and a ghostly shroud. In the end, Paddy has had lots of fun, and his friends have helped him learn that Paddy is unique and perfect—just as he is.

This rhyming book is filled with humour and colourful illustrations that children will love. And the subtle message of kindness turns it into a tale that adults and children will enjoy together.

All Lil Horreurs books are best read out loud. Read them with your children. They will love listening to them over and over again.

All Lil Horreurs books are suitable for ages 4 – 8 years old. 

Lil Learns to Love His Patches is 210 x 210 mm with a width of 5mm.
This book is sold as a perfect bound soft cover with a 300gsm Gloss laminate cover.
The book is fully illustrated.


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by the author

Softcover: ISBN 9781916871724
eBook: ISBN 9781739669911

Sample Pages from the Book


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