Lil Count Beloc and the Missing Strawberry Jam

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A story about sharing.

“They shouted, ‘Give us back our jam, you horrible guy.
We are so hungry but our scones are too dry’
‘Gaah, Gaah!’ was his reply. I want the jam for my supper.
I am Count Beloc. Why should I have to suffer?’”

Let’s visit Belfard Castle where Lil Count Beloc reigns supreme! This selfish vampire is grumpy and gruff. He thinks that because he is a Count, he can take anything he wants, but when he steals all the strawberry jam, no one can eat their scones! Now they are so hungry that enough is enough! It’s time to teach Count Beloc that he can’t have anything he wants but they must face up to this horrible guy.

So they go to the castle but everyone is so hungry their tummy rumbles and their angry grumbles are causing the castle to crack!  “Gaah!” wails Count Beloc, who is forced to return the strawberry jam to save his castle. All turns out well when Count Beloc realises that he mustn’t be so unfair and now everyone agrees that he has become a very kind vampire indeed.

Nobody wins if you are selfish and take everything you want. That’s the message in this rhyming story about a very selfish vampire.

‘Lil Count Beloc and The Missing Strawberry Jam’ is book 9 in the Lil Horreurs series.
If you enjoyed the other books in the Lil Horreurs series, you’ll love this one too! This rhyming book is filled with fun illustrations that children will love. And the subtle message of kindness turns it into a tale that adults and children will enjoy together. All Lil Horreurs books are best read out loud. Read them with your children. They will love listening to them over, and over again.

All Lil Horreurs books are suitable for children from 4-8 years.

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