Lil Blinky Plays ‘Lose the Blues’

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A story about happiness.

“JinJangle Bones put the questions on a big yellow wheel.
He spun it around until each one was revealed.
Then he said, ‘Blinky, are you ready to choose?’
She answered with a ‘Blink, blink’. ‘Okay, let’s play Lose the Blues.’”

The Mummy, Lil Blinky, is all wrapped up in love. She is so tightly wrapped from head to toe that we can only see her lil eyes peeking through! Lil Blinky blinks and sometimes winks to communicate because she doesn’t talk. Most of the time this is just fine. But when Blinky is feeling blue, she can’t tell her friends why. So those creative guys must figure out what’s wrong and find a way to cheer her up. And what could be better for this fun group than making up a guessing game that everyone can play?

Through their new game of ‘Lose the Blues’, the group has soon found a solution to Lil Blinky’s problem, and Blinky has enjoyed a fun adventure!  Also, they can play their new game whenever anyone is feeling glum. This engaging and uplifting tale is a charming example of acceptance and friendship. And it proves that there are more ways to communicate than just talking.

 Be kind and creative when helping others, and let’s have fun! That’s the message in this rhyming story about alternative and fun ways to communicate.

‘Lil Blinky Plays Lose the Blues’ is book 6 in the Lil Horreurs series.
If you enjoyed the other books in the Lil Horreurs series, you’ll love this one too! This rhyming book is filled with fun illustrations that children will love. And the subtle message of kindness turns it into a tale that adults and children will enjoy together. All Lil Horreurs books are best read out loud. Read them with your children. They will love listening to them over and over again.

All Lil Horreurs books are suitable for children from 4-8 years.

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