Lil Wolfie Howls for Tea

A story about regaining lost confidence with help from your best lil friends.

Lil Wolfie 210x210 book cover image

Lil Wolfie Howls For Tea – 210mm book cover image

Lil Wolfie the Werewolf was cute and cuddly and small. This Lil Werewolf wasn’t scary at all! Wolfie tried his best to be scary because werewolves are supposed to be big and strong and fierce and gruff, and very very hairy. But Wolfie was too cuddly. He was cute and loveable and small. Indeed, he was very hairy. But he wasn’t scary at all. What could he do if he couldn’t scare me and you? Well, his friends asked him to howl for tea. Now Lil Wolfie is as proud as can be.

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by the author

Being open to change can make you happier than you thought. That’s the message in this rhyming story about finding your true purpose. This book is full of humour and colourful illustrations that children will love. And the subtle message of kindness makes it a story that adults and children will enjoy together.

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