Lil Horreurs 4 Book Collection
Volume 2

Our Volume 2 collection contains 4 rhyming storybooks featuring Lil Jingle Jangle Bones, Lil Blinky, Lil Zilly Zombie and Lil Chatty Batty

This lil collection of 4 books is sized at 150 x 150 mm. All stories are fully illustrated rhyming stories and are lots of fun to read out loud. Based on several questionnaires we sent out before publishing, these stories are best suited to children from 5 to 8 years old, but we have found that adults love them too!

So grab one now and read along with the adorable little Horror in your life.

Featured Fiends

Lil Jingle Jangle Bones

Lil Jingle Jangle Bones loves to sing and dance. He would dance all day and night if he had the chance. So he thinks it would be grand to form a music band. And soon everyone in town is on their feet cheering and clapping, because they never knew a skeleton could be so good at rapping!

Listen to an audio excerpt of Lil Jingle Jangle Bones

Lil Blinky

Lil Blinky is all wrapped up in love. Wrapped up tight from head to toe, with just her two lil eyes on show. One day when she begins turning blue, her friends don’t know what to do! So they make up a game called ‘Lose the Blues’. The new game is so much fun, that from then on they play ‘Lose the Blues’ whenever anyone of them is feeling glum.

Lil Zilly Zombie

Everyone knows that Zombies love to eat and eat. they munch and crunch on bones and meat. But Zilly and his Zombie friends don’t like meat or bones. They love fresh-baked scones. But they soon learn that if they belch and burp after too much scones and tea, they won’t get anymore scones unless they cover their mouths and say “Oops! Pardon me!”

Listen to an audio excerpt of Lil Zilly Zombie

Lil Chatty Batty

Lil Chatty Batty really loved to chat. Because Lil Chatty Batty was a very chatty bat. But she never took time to play with the other lil bats. So her friends ask her to deliver the daily news. Now that’s an offer she can’t refuse. Because now she gets to fly and chat and play. It’s the perfect job for a lil bat who never runs out of things to say.

Listen to an audio excerpt of Lil Chatty Batty

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