Four book collection - Volume 1

Lil Horreurs 4 Book Collection
Volume 1

Our Volume 1 collection contains 4 rhyming storybooks featuring Lil Cy the Cyclops, Lil Paddy Patches, Lil Puca Boo and Lil Wolfie.

This lil collection of 4 books is sized at 150 x 150 mm. All stories are fully illustrated rhyming stories and are lots of fun to read out loud. Based on several questionnaires we sent out before publishing, these stories are best suited to children from 5 to 8 years old, but we have found that adults love them too!

So grab one now and read along with the adorable little Horror in your life.

Original price was: €15,00.Current price is: €10,00.

Featured Fiends

Lil Cy and his Monoshades

Lil Cy the Cyclops only has one eye, so there are no sunglasses he can buy. He decides to take some classes on how to make his own sunglasses and turns his passion into the latest fashion. Now his ‘Monoshades’ are a big hit with everyone. Even those with 10 eyes, or 5, or 2, or 1.

Lil Paddy Learns to
Love His Patches

Lil Paddy Patches is feeling sad because he thinks his patches make him look bad. But with help from his lil friends, Paddy learns that he doesn’t need to change. Because it’s just fine to look a lil strange.

Lil Puca Boo’s New Haunted House

Lil Puca Boo is a playful ghost. She doesn’t mean to scare. But children won’t play with her. They just wouldn’t dare! But when she haunts the Manor Hall the kids in school think it’s cool. Now Puca Boo delights everyone when they come round each day to play her spooky game of ‘Frights and Fun’.

Lil Wolfie Howls for Tea

Lil Wolfie is cute and cuddly and small. This Lil Werewolf is not scary at all! He growls and howls and tries his best to be horrible, but Lil Wolfie is just too adorable! What can he do if he can’t scare me or you? Well, he doesn’t have to scare, you see, because Lil Wolfie Howls for Tea.

Listen to an audio excerpt of Lil Paddy Patches

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