Lil Cy and His ‘Monoshades’

‘Lil Cy and His Monoshades’ is a charming and inspiring story that will captivate readers from the very first page. When Lil Cy, the one-eyed Cyclops, finds that regular shades can’t fit his one eye, he takes it upon himself to make his own shades – and he succeeds!

If at first, you don’t succeed, try again! That’s the message in this rhyming story about a Lil Cyclops who wants some new sunglasses.

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Lil Paddy Learns to Love His Patches

Lil Paddy Patches is a patchwork monster who wants to play with the local children. But he looks so different that he scares them away. Poor Paddy thinks he needs to change himself to be accepted so he asks his friends for help, and soon has tried some new looks and had lots of fun.

Don’t be afraid to be different. That’s the message in this rhyming story about accepting yourself just as you are.

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Lil Puca Boo and Her New Haunted House

Meet Lil Puca Boo, an unsuspecting ghost just looking to make friends. This friendly lil ghost is eager to show the children her ‘Frights and Fun’ game. But when she shouts “BOO!”, they are scared away! Will poor lil Puca Boo ever be able to make friends with the local kids?

Making others comfortable might be the best way to make new friends. That’s the message in this rhyming story about a lil ghost who wants to play.

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Lil Wolfie Howls for Tea

In ‘Lil Wolfie Howls for Tea’ you will meet an adorable lil werewolf who has lost his confidence because his howl is not scary. With help from his friends, Lil Wolfie embarks on a journey to regain his confidence and become more than just a cute lil pup. Follow Lil Wolfie on his adventure of self-discovery as he discovers his true purpose: using his howl to help others by alerting everyone when it is time for tea.

Being open to change can make you happier than you thought. That’s the message in this rhyming story about finding your true purpose.

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Lil JinJangle Bones and His Band

Start your adventure into the spooky world of the graveyard with our music-loving skeleton Lil JinJangle Bones. Every night he loves to sing and dance, and every night the other skeletons can`t get a wink of sleep! The skeletons are fed up with his noise and want him to be quiet, so poor JinJangle Bones is in a dilemma. How can he be quiet, and also sing and dance?

Stay true to yourself while being kind to others. That’s the message in this rhyming story about a lil skeleton who just wants to sing and dance.

Lil Zilly Zombie and His Search for Scones

Grab your favourite cup of tea and a freshly baked scone, and get ready to join Zilly and his group of rude slurping and burping zombies, as they search …not for meat or bones! These zombies love freshly baked, creamy, jammy scones. But no one in town wants to share with these uncouth guys because they think the zombies are awfully rude.

If you are going to chomp, slurp and burp, please be polite and say, “Pardon me.” That’s the message in this rhyming story about an awfully rude lil zombie.

Lil Blinky Plays ‘Lose the Blues’

Lil Blinky, the mummy, is all wrapped up in love. She is so tightly wrapped from head to toe, that we can only see her lil eyes peeking through! Lil Blinky blinks, and sometimes winks, to communicate because she doesn’t talk. Most of the time this is just fine. But when Blinky is feeling blue she can’t let her friends know why. So those creative guys must figure out what’s wrong and find a way to cheer her up. And what could be better for this fun group than making up a guessing game that everyone can play?

Be kind and creative when helping others, and let’s have fun! That’s the message in this rhyming story about alternative and fun ways to communicate.

Lil Count Beloc and the Missing Strawberry jam

Let’s visit Belfard Castle where Lil Count Beloc reigns supreme! This selfish vampire is grumpy and gruff. He thinks that because he is a Count, he can take anything he wants, but when he steals all the strawberry jam, no one can eat their scones! Now they are so hungry that enough is enough! It’s time to teach Count Beloc that he can’t have anything he wants but they must face up to this horrible guy.

Nobody wins if you are selfish and take everything you want. That’s the message in this rhyming story about a very selfish vampire.

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